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Ova metodologija se koristi u svim delatnostima, bez obzira na broj zaposlenih, kompleksnost sistema i procesa. Stvaranje standardizovanog rada je ono što kompanijama omogućava povećanu produktivnost, onemogući nastanak grešaka pri radu kod zaposlenih, a uz to podiže svest o održavanju standardizovanog rada.


Certification Program on 5S - Implementation & Audit. 5S which is a workplace organisation method described by 5 words starting with "S" in Japanese or their equivalents in English Seiri-Sort, Seiton-Set in Order, Seiso-Shine, Seiketsu-Standardise and Shitsuke-Sustain


It develops the behaviors of managers and middle managers, it is the axes of continuous improvement, related to the strategic objectives, the motivation of the team and the consolidation of the change.


Breakthrough KAIZEN™ 2. Prerequisites KCM201.2.This course aims at how to prepare, conduct and close KAIZEN™ Event going through A# Thinking, Event Closing and Value Review methodologies. The course also includes an overview of the CI Program Management Tools.

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